Austerity vs. Possibilty

Push Our Plan for Shared Prosperity

What is Austerity and How Can We Stop It?

Austerity (n): Cuts that lower the quantity and quality of services provided by the government, in an attempt to shrink budget deficits.

Austerity has had a negative impact on people around the world and is not helping our economy grow. We need a plan for shared prosperity that focuses on family and community sustaining jobs, investment and the right for people to collectively bargain for a better life.

Tell Us Your Vision For a Better World

Together, we can build a better world. We can win an economy where everyone has a fair chance at a family and community sustaining job, where no one goes hungry or without healthcare, where we invest in workers and our communities, and where anyone who wants to collectively bargain for a better life has the freedom to do so. If you want to join our fight for a better world and a fair economy, sign our petition and pass it on!