Global Union Challenges Aggressive Behaviour of Crown Holdings

Workers Uniting, the global union in the UK, USA and Canada has written to the chief executive officer of Crown Holdings to challenge the company’s aggressive behaviour towards some of its employees around the world.

The United Steelworkers union (USW) and Unite the union have partnered to form Workers Uniting, the world’s first global union. The transatlantic campaign involving the workers at Crown Holdings in the UK, USA and Canada is just one example of how the global union is using its power to improve the lives of workers around the world.

Crown workers make various products, including steel and aluminum cans for food, beverage, household and other consumer products, as well as metal and plastic caps and closures.

The Workers Uniting joint campaign will connect Crown workers in different continents as the workers stand together against job losses and various concessions that erode working conditions and standards.

In the communication to John Conway, Crown CEO, the leaders of Workers Uniting question the approach by Crown when dealing with their UK workers. This approach has resulted in numerous industrial disputes over the last 12 months. The global union also questions the confrontational approach to bargaining in Canada, where Crown has already closed several plants and threatened to shift more production work out of the country if workers don’t agree to concessions.

Ken Neumann, USW’s National Director in Canada, said: “What’s happening at Crown is in many ways a microcosm of what’s happening at multinational workplaces around the globe. The employer, increasingly aggressive and confrontational, is trying to pit worker against worker as the company searches for the highest profit and the lowest pay and other standards.

“The United Steelworkers and our sisters and brothers at Unite refuse to stand by and be silent victims in this global attack on workers. Our global union will stand strong and united against Crown.”

Derek Simpson, Unite Joint General Secretary said: “Through dialogue between workers in the USA, Canada and UK, it has become apparent that there is an increasingly aggressive approach to both Unite and the United Steelworkers Union. Our global union through international solidarity is standing firm against the uncompromising attitude of Crown Holdings, which shows no respect for the hard-working staff across their operations.

“We are sending a clear message to the Crown CEO that we will stand united in challenging their hostility which is proving to be damaging to their workforce.”

Workers Uniting wants to see a more constructive approach to industrial relations and has offered to meet with the Crown senior management to discuss the concerns of workers.

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