Day 4: Women of Steel at Unite Women's Week

Odds and Sods

Ann Flener-GittlenThe four of us from USW Women of Steel have been having a wonderful time getting to know our union sisters from Unite and figuring out the similarities and differences in our union structures.  I attended a “mock conference” of the “Odds and Sods” where delegates experienced the basics of participating in a formal conference setting.  They learned how to bring an issue to the floor, offer a motion, second a motion, speak on the motion and debate issues, make amendments and vote.  They also got to experience how a conference election process works.  All participants were given time to prepare motions and speeches, write talking points and prepare for debate…everyone had a role to play.  Great session! 

- Ann Flener-Gittlen, USW Women of Steel Director

Rebecca PriceComing from skilled-trades myself, I was particularly interested in discovering the differences in how apprenticeships and skilled labor in the UK are handled, especially when redundancy (lay-offs) are necessary. 

– Rebecca Price, Local 1000, Corning, New York, U.S.A.

Linda LucasI’ve been learning a lot of new words, or maybe just a different meaning to familiar words.  In any case, it is sometimes challenging.  One thing for sure, we all have the same passion for the labor movement no matter what words we choose to use. 

– Linda Lucas, President Local 13702, Troy, Michigan, U.S.A.

Kristine PearsonMy group was intensely focused on several important issues: one being, the restoration of needed paid leave for medical scans and/or radiation/chemotherapy sessions for workers that package cancer drugs for a specific multinational company…If any company should have a conscience on this, this one should.  We also discussed violence against women that ties into trafficking and migrant workers’ situations.  Our sessions were intensely moving and informative. 

– Kristine Pearson, Local 1998, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

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