Women of Steel at Unite Women’s Week

United Steelworkers Women of Steel (WOS) is participating in the Unite Women’s Week activities in Eastbourne, the United Kingdom.

USW participants are as follows:  Ann Flener-Gittlen, Women of Steel Director; Linda Lucas, President Local Union 13702 and Coordinator/Facilitator for USW District 2 WOS;  Rebecca Price Local Union 1000 and USW District 4 WOS Facilitator; and Kristine Pearson, USW District 6 Local Union 1998 Activist.  

The WOS participants have provided the following report:

We thank both USW and Unite for giving us this opportunity.  We arrived at Eastbourne on Sunday, July 22nd and were welcomed during the opening session … a special :”thank you” to Chantelle Brown for making sure all our accommodations were in order.  

“The Women made me feel so welcome. After the morning session of day 1, I have already learned there may be an ocean between us, but our concerns for family care and working conditions are very much the same.”  - Linda

“I am already learning so much about the Unite structure and campaigns for women in the workplace and it has made me realize that I need to learn even more about my own union.”  - Kristine
Siobhan Unite Women's Week
“We’ve met with over 100 women who are excited, maybe a bit apprehensive, about what these seminars will mean to them.  I have learned that union sisters here have some common themes as our own struggles with family responsibilities, conditions of equipment, breaks for workers, maternity leave, child care issues, bullying by managers, equality issues, and flexible working hours to name a few. “  -  Rebecca  

“Our interactive methods of training are very similar.  I observed union sisters working in groups to discuss issues, presenting ideas to the class, and participating enthusiastically.  They set their own classroom rules, interviewed and introduced each other in the same manner that WOS opens their sessions.  I look forward to developing a lasting relationship with my sisters from Unite.”   -  Ann

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