Workers Uniting at USW Paper Conference - Day 2

The second day began with the Unite delegation attending company council meetings.

John Lonergan, a Unite member employed by Georgia Pacific, said “This conference has been a great opportunity to hear from panels of experts and from delegates from across the U.S. As a GP employee, it’s been especially interesting to be able to relate to the problems USW members are experiencing at GP. Some of what the company is trying to implement in the U.S. they’ve already implemented in the UK, and I was glad to be able to share my experiences.”

Clive Bell, a Unite member employed by SCA, attended the SCA council meeting and gave a presentation on the structure of the SCA European Works Council. The council later reported back to the conference that it hoped USW would participate in the SCA European Works Council in the future.

Ian TonksIan Tonks

In the afternoon, delegates reported back with action items and bargaining aims at their employers and for the paper conference. Of note among them was the determination to improve the relationship between the USW and European Works Councils.

Said Ian Tonks, National Officer for Unite, “Workers Uniting is in a unique position to help facilitate that improvement.”

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