Workers Uniting Ramps up Collaboration at Caterpillar

Following is a report from United Steelworkers Local 1343 President Kevin Jaskie. USW Local 1343 represents 800 Caterpillar employees in Wisconsin, and the USW represents another few hundred Caterpillar employees in other locations throughout the U.S. Nearly 4,000 Caterpillar employees in the UK are represented by Unite:

Through Workers Uniting, USW Local 1343 continues to expand our global efforts to build power across the Caterpillar empire.

caterpillar report

On November 21, 2012, Local 1343 President Kevin Jaskie and USW Staff Representative Ross Winklbauer had the opportunity to continue to build on the brotherhood that is being forged between the United Steelworkers and Unite.

Winklbauer and Jaskie sat down with the Unite members and leaders from all over the United Kingdom to expand our global efforts to build union power across the Caterpillar chain.  The meeting was held at the Unite training center outside of London. Some of the topics that were discussed were: safety conditions, apprenticeships, temporary workers, and Caterpillar’s anti-union agenda. After many hours of lengthy discussions, it became very clear to all of us that Caterpillar’s agenda of profits at the cost of the workers will start to take root on a global level very soon.

This is why we must continue our strong relationship between the United Steelworkers and Unite. We are all better off sticking together!

United we Stand!!

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