1. Sep 14

    2nd Workers Uniting Program Brings Together Youth from Around World

    Click here to read about the second Workers Uniting Youth Exchange program.

  2. May 28

    If not now, when?

    As talks between steel giant Tata and unions broke down over changes to members’ pensions scheme, Tata electrician Charlotte Upton, 25, spoke to UniteLive about the upcoming industrial action ballot ... more

  3. Sep 25

    Workers Uniting condemns EU-Canada trade agreement

    Steelworkers, Unite join to reject anti-democratic, anti-worker proposals

  4. May 21

    Workers Uniting Statement on Turkish Mine Collapse

  5. Mar 26

    Trans-Atlantic Labor Union Calls for Higher Labor Standards in US-European Union Trade Agreement

    Workers Uniting, a three million member trans-Atlantic labor union, today issued a call to European Union and U.S. trade negotiators to strengthen social and labor protections in the proposed Trans-Atlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP).

  6. Jan 14

    Global Campaign Against Crown Holdings - Take-Backs No More

    What if your boss told you you're the most productive, and then tried to freeze your pay?

  7. Nov 14

    United Steelworkers Health Safety and Environment Conference 2013

    USW/CWA/Tony Mazzocchi Center Health and Safety Conference in Pittsburgh.

  8. Oct 03

    Global Unions Back Toronto Workers' Fightback Against Crown

    Unite, Britain's biggest union, is backing Canadian members of the United Steelworkers (USW) who are on strike at Crown Holdings, a US owned multinational company.

  9. Sep 20

    Crown Holdings Forces Toronto Employees on Strike

    Today the United Steelworkers (USW) escalated its campaign against Crown Holdings by sending letters to Crown's CEO and Board of Directors demanding they take action to end a three-week strike at a beverage and food can manufacturing plant in Toronto.

  10. Sep 20

    Support the Struggle at King & Fowler

    Workers Uniting is calling on members of Unite and the United Steelworkers to support Unite members on strike at King & Fowler.

  11. Sep 05

    Workers Uniting Higher Education Exchange August 2013

  12. Aug 28

    Workers Uniting Condemns Wrongful Arrest & Detention of Top Union Leader

  13. Jul 31

    Honeywell Council Charts Path Forward

  14. Jul 22

    Graphic Packaging Union Council Meeting Builds Solidarity Between US, UK Workers

  15. Jul 08

    British Union Members in Ontario to Protest 407 ETR Contractor Ferrovial with United Steelworkers Support

  16. Jun 21

    Finns Behaving Badly, Down Mexico Way

    Unite Assistant General Secretary Tony Burke reports on further evidence that European companies behave badly when they’re operating outside the EU, especially in Mexico.

  17. Jun 10

    Workers Gather for Caterpillar Global Network

  18. May 21

    Workers Uniting For A Better World

    Today, the fight begins for a more prosperous, fairer economy for everyone.

  19. May 13

    Paper Workers Unite at Advanced Training

    May 10, 2013

  20. May 07

    Workers Uniting Statement on Bangladesh

  21. Apr 30

    Bangladesh garment worker tragedy is ‘mass industrial slaughter’

    By TONY BURKE | Published: APRIL 28, 2013

  22. Apr 24

    A Union is Born in One of Kimberly Clark’s Plants in Colombia

    Industriall and UNI Global Union contributed to the creation of a union in one of Kimberly Clark’s plants in Colombia. This union forms part of SINTRAPULCAR, affiliated to UNI.

  23. Mar 20

    USW Women of Steel Conference – Cuba Solidarity Campaign

  24. Mar 20

    Report on the USW Women of Steel Conference, Pittsburgh March 2013

    by Karen Cole South West Regional Women's & Equalities Organiser

  25. Mar 13

    Labour’s Responses to Globalisation – Alternative Forms Of Organisation

    Why Unite and the USW created Workers Uniting - the Global Union by Tony Burke, Unite Assistant General Secretary

  26. Feb 17

    Indonesian Paper Workers Thank Workers Uniting

  27. Feb 18

    Workers Uniting and TUC protest at anti-union attacks in Mexico

    by Ben Davis Director of International Affairs, United Steelworkers of America and Canada

  28. Feb 11

    Tell PKC to reinstate workers in Mexico

  29. Jan 28

    Mexico Days of Action 18-24 February, 2013

  30. Jan 22

    Unite General Secretary Len McCluskey, joint chair of Workers Uniting gives the Ralph Miliband Lecture at the London School of Economics, January 15th, 2013

  31. Jan 11

    Workers Uniting Leaders Chart Next Steps at Print and Paper Meeting

  32. Dec 17

    Oil Union leader murdered in Colombia

    Only hours after the EU - Colombia Free Trade Agreement was signed, another cold-blooded assassination of a Colombian trade unionist occurred 11th December, murdered for his trade union activities inside a multinational company.

  33. Dec 06

    Unite and USW Working Together in Health Care Sector and Public Sector

  34. Nov 30

    Unite, USW Youth Uniting

  35. Nov 29

    Workers Uniting and the Global Labor Movement

    An interview with Unite Assistant General Secretary Tony Burke

  36. Nov 28

    Workers Uniting Ramps up Collaboration at Caterpillar

  37. Nov 16

    Workers Uniting Rank and File Build Power at Global Paper Meeting

    Unite and USW members in the paper industry built links of solidarity with union members from other countries during a conference in Stockholm, Sweden.

  38. Nov 09

    Obama: Was It The Unions What Won It?

    An Article by Tony Burke, Unite Assistant General Secretary

  39. Oct 29

    Workers Uniting at Unite Health & Safety Conference

  40. Oct 26

    Workers Uniting Fights Back Against Austerity

    TUC Future that Works Demonstration on October 20th

  41. Oct 25

    Global Glass Workers Alliance

    Workers Uniting plays critical role in forming alliance

  42. Oct 23

    Workers Uniting Building Power at Caterpillar

    Unite, USW also protest together at Costco

  43. Oct 19

    Unite Assistant General Secretary Tony Burke reports on the historic IndustriALL GFA Conference where Unite and USW sat as a Workers Uniting delegation

  44. Oct 11

    American Unions at Dow Chemical and Dow Corning Meet to Confer in International Exchange

    Report on Collective Bargaining and Discuss Common Issues; Unite and USW Collaborate at Common Employer

  45. Oct 02

    Unite, USW Participate in Meeting of Unions at Honeywell

  46. Sep 27

    Romney/Bain Invested in the Brutal Chinese Sweatshop He Described in Detail at Boca Raton Fundraiser

    Did Nothing to Change Low Pay, Squalid Conditions, Forced Overtime for Three Years Before Pulling Out, And Abuses at Appliance Factory Continue

  47. Sep 26

    Calderon's parting shot at Mexico's workers cements his regressive legacy

  48. Sep 21

    Workers Uniting meets in London to build union power in Siemens

  49. Sep 13

    Affordable Care Act: Hope Delivered for USW Families

    While workers in the UK are fighting to defend the NHS, workers in the USA are fighting to defend Obamacare.

  50. Sep 10


  51. Sep 07

    USW Not Surprised By Election Results at Siemens in North East, Maryland

  52. Aug 31


  53. Aug 29


  54. Aug 25

    Stop Siemens Union-Busting

    Show support for workers organizing at Siemens, an employer of Unite and USW members which has launched a vicious campaign to prevent workers in Maryland from organizing into a union.

  55. Aug 21

    Unite and USW Meet To Discuss Oil Industry Strategy

    United Steelworkers International Vice President Gary Beevers and Jim Savage, President of Local 10-1 in Philadelphia, joined sixteen Unite oil refinery shop stewards to discuss a strategy for the oil refining sector at Unite’s training facility in Esher.

  56. Aug 14

    Workers Uniting Kicks off Collaboration at Caterpillar

  57. Aug 10

    USW Says that Siemens’ “Sweet Talk” Doesn’t Conceal Its Union-Busting Efforts

    Unite supporting USW organizing drive in Maryland

  58. Aug 10

    Despite New Pact, International Union Expresses Ongoing Concern for Colombian Workers

  59. Aug 01

    Next Workers Uniting Leaders Emerge

    Workers Uniting held its leadership program in July, 2012. Following is a report by participant and Unite member Scot Walker:

  60. Jul 27

    Day 5: Workers Uniting Women Unite

    A delegation from United Steelworkers Women of Steel (WOS) participated in the Unite Women’s Week activities in Eastbourne, the United Kingdom. Below is their final report on the week’s activities. Other reports are available at

  61. Jul 26

    Day 4: Women of Steel at Unite Women's Week

  62. Jul 25

    Workers Uniting Offers Reward for the Whereabouts of Mitt Romney's London Fundraising Event

    Unite and the USW are offering a reward for the whereabouts of US Presidential candidate, Mitt Romney, who is attending a highly secretive $25,000 to $75,000 a head fundraising event in London on July 26.

  63. Jul 24

    Day 2: Women of Steel at Unite Women's Week

    Following is a report on the second day of activities. It is written by three representatives of USW Women of Steel. They are participating in the Unite Women’s Week activities in Eastbourne, the United Kingdom:

  64. Jul 23

    Women of Steel at Unite Women’s Week

    United Steelworkers Women of Steel (WOS) is participating in the Unite Women’s Week activities in Eastbourne, the United Kingdom.

  65. Jul 17

    Support the Fight Back in Sunderland!

    Unite is now into the second week of a dispute with a print company in Sunderland called Paragon.

  66. Jul 13

    Unite calls for global campaign against poor industrial relations at GE

    GE is a common employer to both Unite and USW

  67. Jul 13

    Paper Workers Set Goals

    Unite Participates in USW Paper Conference

  68. Jul 12

    Workers Uniting at USW Paper Conference - Day 2

    The second day began with the Unite delegation attending company council meetings.

  69. Jul 11

    Workers Uniting at USW Paper Conference - Day 1

    Ian Tonks, National Officer for Unite, along with three UK representatives participated in the USW Paper Conference in Pittsburgh, PA, USA on July 10 – 12.

  70. Jul 06

    Steelworkers, Global Solidarity Put End to Rio Tinto’s Six-Month Lockout in Quebec

    Workers Uniting provided critical support in lockout by UK-based employer of USW and Unite members.

  71. Jul 03

    Robin Hood Tax: Economic Justice

    USW President, Leo Gerard, speaks out on behalf of the Robin Hood Tax.

  72. Jul 03

    RadioLabour Report on Workers Uniting

    RadioLabour (, the international labour movement’s radio service, has done a special report on Workers Uniting. It is available directly at

  73. Jul 03

    UK: Support London Bus Workers

    London bus workers staged a one-day strike on 22 June. Bus workers are only asking for recognition for their extra contribution to help London run smoothly. Please send this message to the 21 London bus operators refusing to give the workers a fair deal.

  74. Jun 25

    USW's Gerard Salutes UNITE Policy Conference; Cites Common Problems Facing Unions on Both Sides of the Atlantic

    BRIGHTON, England, June 25, 2012 United Steelworkers (USW) International President Leo W. Gerard today addressed some 700 delegates to the Policy Conference of Unite the Union, the largest labor union in the United Kingdom and Ireland.

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